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Enter into this very mysterious site… of the magic waits for you there!

" Magic and mystery of the Water… an universe of discoveries! "

 I take you to the dreamland through an initiatory journey printed by poetry and romanticism... "Paintings", often abstracted, invented in my imagination and nevertheless consisted from completely concrete natural substances...

My only instruments: a "numerical" as a paintbrush, my moods as palette and the whims of this running, rebel, unpredictable and sensual water. 

I often add it a few of mysticism by playing with the reflections and the transparencies of this element to serve me as it of vital link between the Sky and the Earth, between the impalpable and the material.

Sometimes I dive with enjoyment into vaguenesses which do not finish it any more...

If you make silence, you can hear the rustle of the water and the trees, maybe even the song of the bird!

Naturally, consider that subtitles are only winks, the main part is somewhere else!

The album is regularly updated: if it tries you to return? Thank you in advance.

You can besides look over my recent portfolio proposed by Luigi Castelli, editor who possesses artist's soul.

Thanks to Don Archer, Director of the M.O.C.A. (Museum Of Computer Art) of New York which had the kindness to welcome me in its "Open Gallery" and in "Mocanet".

Recently, Olivier Varin, Artistic Director, made me the big honor to invite me to the International Festival of the photo of Mountain and Nature of Pralognan-la Vanoise (Savoy) and I had the immense pleasure to be selected by the AFPAN for the International Festival of the animal and natural photo of Montier-en-Der (Haute-Marne).

Finally, prestigious Gallery of Contemporary Art of the Jas of Rimade welcomes me in a magic frame of November 14th, 2008 at the end of February, 2009.

I also invite you to visit the headings below: "thought of meditating" or "until read in my thoughts" if you better wish to know me? And "Classifications and votes" if you wish to promote this site by your votes. Finally, the Visitors' book, if you please…!

The slide show makes disentangle photos in an unpredictable order. By clicking the logoes of the various galleries,the pictures open in a fixed window.


You can also go and read my column "mieux me connaître" ("better to know me"): an English translation appears there. Thank you.



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  • Carol Cooper
    Dear Claude,
    Your beautiful images continue to amaze me! I wish you the best for this new year 2010! Keep creative, let your heart speak!!
  • Mamta B. Herland
    • 2. Mamta B. Herland Le 27/02/2008
    Hi Claude Delmas,
    Thank you for your email asking for my opinion and sorry for the late reply. Your abstact photography are very natural, dynamic and aesthetical.

    All the best,

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